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Australia 2000
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We all went to Australia for three weeks in March/2000.  While Ken spent most of his time at the office, the rest of us saw the Sydney sights.  Here are some of them.

The Sydney Opera House is probably the most famous landmark in Australia.  Our hotel room had a spectacular view of the Opera House and the rest of Sydney Harbor.

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Ryan's favorite part of the entire trip was Manly beach.  We had the world's best fish 'n chips there.

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We spent a day at Featherdale Park, just outside of Sydney.  There we saw kangaroos, snakes, koala bears, tasmanian devils, and lots of other native wildlife.  Some of the animals are pretty accustomed to having people around.  At one point, when Ken reached into our camera bag, an emu stuck his head into the bag to see what was in there. 

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Darling Harbor was a popular sight during the Olympics.  It is very kid-friendly, with things like carousels, play structures and water features.

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Other shots from our trip.

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