Day at Bodega


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Day at Bodega
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On Easter Sunday, 2001, we spent the afternoon in Bodega with Rich Harjes, who was visiting from Boston.  This is the best beach we've been to.  We can't believe it took us seven years to discover it.

Our beachcombing produced a  squid, an octopus, several crabs and lots of shells to fill little boys' pockets. 

 All beachcombing.jpg (48073 bytes)  Beachcombing with RHH.jpg (48876 bytes)          

Rich and the kids found a cave.  

 All in cave.jpg (36109 bytes)

We did a lot of rock climbing.  We were amazed at how steady the kids were (Ryan and Sammy, anyway).  Rich and the boys were a lot less nervous about this than we were.

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