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We got to celebrate Ryan's birthday twice.  First, he shared a party with Mercedes DeMartini at her house, with other friends.  Then we celebrated at our place with the O'Rourkes.

Candles 2.jpg (41168 bytes)  Sharing cake with Mercedes. 

Candles 3.jpg (38991 bytes)  Sharing cupcakes with the O'Rourkes.

got milk.jpg (33775 bytes)  The birthday boy (and his brother) can have whatever he wants for breakfast...even cookies.

Gifts 1.jpg (43370 bytes)  In book.jpg (30382 bytes)  Opening loot.

at Suskis.jpg (57221 bytes)  As if we didn't have enough sugar yet, we got to have cake one more time.  This time, it was with our friends the Suskis.   All six kids have summer birthdays, so celebrated them jointly.