Things we found in our yard

Taylor was born on January 7, 2001.  We got him in February, during a visit to Jennifer's parents' place in Tucson.  He's a Golden Retriever.  He's also a very bad dog.

Since we brought Taylor home, we've had about 5 minutes of peace.  Here it is.

Ken subduing Taylor, March 2001.

Holding Taylor.jpg (31194 bytes)

Bad Taylor.  (This is something Amber says frequently.)  Spring, 2001.

Taylor snooping.jpg (26792 bytes)    

Taylor swinging.  He only does this when he isn't chewing on the children.                             

Swinging Taylor.jpg (60029 bytes)  Taylor swinging again.jpg (59798 bytes)

When we first met Taylor, he was too young to get in trouble.  Or maybe he was too cute for us to realize that he was bad.

Meeting Mimi.jpg (39094 bytes)  Meeting Ryan.jpg (49735 bytes)  Poking Taylor.jpg (36041 bytes)  riding home2.jpg (34783 bytes) 

He even attacks other dogs.  This adversary is Finnegan, his only dog-friend.

Finn&Taylor.jpg (60914 bytes)

Lately, Taylor's been calming down a little as he grows up.   But he still finds the strangest places to nap.

Naptime4Taylor.jpg (27976 bytes)

By May, 2002, Taylor had settled down.  So had the kids.  TaylorPileup.jpg (46423 bytes)


Well, maybe he hadn't completely settled down.  But he had grown up.  TaylorFinnegan.jpg (11721 bytes)