Spring 2000 visit to Canada


Spring 2000 visit to Canada
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In April, 2000, we went to Saskatoon for Ken's cousin's wedding.  Daryl and his family came out from Kingston, Ontario, and Ken's parents came from Sherwood Park, Alberta.  After the wedding, we all spent a week in Sherwood Park.

Sammy and Ryan at the airport.  The difference between a two-year-old (Sammy) and a five-year-old (Ryan) is that the five-year-old keeps his security blanket hidden in his backpack.  The two-year-old freaks a the suggestion.  It was a battle to convince him to put it through the X-ray machine.

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You ever wonder why we live in San Rafael (near San Francisco) instead of anywhere in Canada?  Here's the reason.  Remember, this is APRIL!  The first two pictures are of Ken's brother Daryl and his son, Alex.  The rest are of Ryan and Sammy.

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Alex can be a ham.

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Ken's dad, Sammy and Jennifer at the wedding.

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Ken's cousins Judy and Richard.  Richard's sister, Michelle, was the bride.

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The reason for our trip to Canada, Michelle and Neal.

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Obligatory picture of Baby-with-Spaghetti-on-Face.  Ken's mother is trying to feed Amber.

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We tried to get all three little kids (Sammy, Amber and their cousin, Rachel) to line up for a photo.  Forget it.

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