Arizona 2002


Spring 2000 visit to Canada
Australia 2000
Arizona 2002
Edmonton, Apr2002

We visited Jennifer's family a couple of times in 2002 -- once in April and once in July.  We're still not sure why we always end up in Tucson, Arizona in summer.  This time, the temperatures hit about 110 degrees.

Washing the car with Mimi.  carwash.jpg (69406 bytes)

On our way home in spring, we stopped by a deer/ostrich farm.  farm1.jpg (62744 bytes) farm2.jpg (55118 bytes) farm3.jpg (53629 bytes) farm4.jpg (30420 bytes)

Sammy and his cousin, Nolan.  SammyNolan.jpg (48922 bytes)


Mimi spoiled Amber.  Here, she's holding a lollipop for Amber.  AmberSpoiled.jpg (31859 bytes)

Play games.  games.jpg (64658 bytes)

This little critter was a big hit!  critters.jpg (56717 bytes)