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Winter, 2000
Nanny's visit, 2001
Day at Bodega
Family visit, 2001
Jennifer & Ken
Christmas, 2001
Other pictures
Other pictures from around home

Amber's good at accessorizing.  "Need hat!"

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We had an Easter egg hunt in our back yard with the O'Rourke family (2001).  Here the kids are all patiently waiting for the hunt to begin.

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Jennifer gets exactly 30 minutes of quiet.  That's how long Teletubbies lasts.  (At least it's not Barney!)

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Ryan and Sammy like to share...everything from beds to sodas.

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Daytime activities range from reading to working on the computer, with time for playing and getting in trouble in between.

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Playing and eating with friends, and picking grapes with siblings.

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Within days of getting a scooter for his 7th birthday, Ryan was riding it like a pro.  This made learning to ride his bike pretty easy.

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Sammy started school (pre-school) in 2001.  Here he is, off to his first day of school.

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Sammy and Amber preparing for Halloween, 2001.

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